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Brock Metal signs License Agreement

Brock Metal signs License Agreement

15:25 08 October in News

The Brock Metal Company Ltd has signed a License Agreement with Eastern Alloys, Maybrook, NY, USA licensing Brock to manufacture and sell the new EZAC™ high strength, high creep resistant hot chamber zinc based die casting alloys developed by Eastern.

Improvements of EZAC™ over traditional zinc diecasting alloys include:

  • Creep Resistance: Creep occurs when components deform with time, when subject to elevated temperatures and stresses. Most zinc alloys are known to have lower creep resistance and are often overlooked for many applications with higher operating temperatures.
  • Tensile Strength: With an average yield strength of 396 MPa, EZAC™ is stronger than any other Hot Chamber Zinc die casting alloy and is comparable in strength to ZA-27, the strongest Cold Chamber Zinc die casting alloy.
  • High Temperature Tensile Properties: EZAC™ has improved tensile strength over other the hot chamber zinc alloys.
  • Hardness: EZAC™ shows over a 12% improvement in hardness compared to ACuZinc5, and over 19% improvement over Zamak 2.

With excellent fluidity and a low casting temperature (416 – 441°C), EZAC™ is perfect for the hot chamber die casting process. In addition, because of EZAC™’s low melting temperature, it does not have the same casting difficulties (such as erosion and wear) that other similar high strength die casting alloys exhibit.  Casting trials have shown negligible component wear in EZAC™ compared to other high strength hot chamber zinc die casting alloys.

More information contact: sales@brock-metal.co.uk