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Zinc Alloys for Die Casting

Zinc die casting alloys are strong and tough with excellent impact load and wear characteristics. Their superb dimensional accuracy and ability to reproduce mould detail means subsequent machining can be minimised. We supply across Europe and beyond.

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Zinc Alloys for Galvanizing

Supplying the hot dip and continuous galvanizing industries, Brock Metal applies the same standards of compositional control as with our die casting alloys. We have developed an excellent reputation for very tightly controlled, high quality metal product.

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Zinc and Copper Alloys for Electroplating

Our specialist division Sillavan manufactures a range of alloy compositions and shapes tailored to the requirements of individual customers in the electroplating, corrosion protection, finishing and printing industries.

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We Use The Highest Quality Metal

All of our Zinc alloys conform to BS EN 1774 1998 and are manufactured from primary or virgin Zinc conforming to SHG (Super High Grade) or Z1 grades which are 99.995% pure and themselves conform to international specifications such as EN1179.

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Our Experience and Accreditations

As one of the leading suppliers of primary Zinc alloys throughout Europe, The Brock Metal Company Limited has an unrivaled reputation for metal quality, technical support and service.

We specialise in the supply of alloys to the die casting and galvanizing industries.

  • Producing¬†40,000 tonnes of primary zinc alloys per annum
  • Supplying more than 30 countries across Europe, Asia and the Middle East
  • Supplying a wide range of alloys covered by EN1774 (Die casting)

You’ll find that our attention to detail is exact and our willingness to share our vast expertise in the supply and use of Zinc alloys will help you to develop and improve your own products.

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