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Copper Plating

Copper Balls for Copper Plating

Specially developed for high quality electroplating purposes to give free-flowing material to minimize sludge development during plating and extend the life of anode baskets.

Phosphorized anodes are made from the purest oxygen-free copper to give the right phosphorus content for electroplating purposes. Strict quality control and a highly automated production process give a very uniform product quality.

Form: Balls, slugs and oval sections

Composition: Copper > 99.9%. Phosphorus 0.04 – 0.06%


Balls: 25 mm, 31mm, 40mm and 50mm diameter
Slugs: 25mm diameter x 30 – 40 mm long or 12mm diameter x 20mm long
Oval Sections: 51mm x 76 mm. Length cut to customer requirements

Packaging: 25kg carton boxes.