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A major player in the supply of primary Zinc alloys since 1947

The Brock Metal Company Ltd has influenced the whole world in this specialist field. If you’ve ever wondered why there are other companies supplying metal bearing the Brock name or using a badger logo it is a comment on the reputation built here at The Brock Metal Company Ltd in the UK. Supplying primary Zinc alloy across Europe and beyond we have the expertise to help you make better use of this versatile metal, to optimise product design and minimise cost.

We are internationally recognised as a centre of professional expertise

The team at Brock Metal plays its part within key organisations such as the Zinc Information Centre, the Cast Metals Federation and the Aluminium Alloy Manufacturing and Recycling Association. The company manufactures Zinc alloys to all the recognised European and international specifications and our quality assurance systems are fully accredited to BS EN 9001 with full traceability. The Brock Metal Company Limited is a part of Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant (CZP) – Russia’s largest producer of SHG Zinc and zinc alloys. (www.zinc.ru)


The Brock Metal Company Ltd was founded in 1947 by Eric Jones. Eric was a shoe salesman who was introduced to the metal industry by a friend. He established the original factory in an old pub in Saltley, Birmingham. Searching for a name for their new business, Eric and his wife decided to use the soubriquet given her when she worked at Rackhams department store: ‘Brock’. The name was used to distinguish her from another employee who shared her real name, for the purpose of recording their commissions. The couple felt the name was associated with her success at Rackhams and decided to carry it forward to the new business. Brock is one of the oldest words in the English dictionary. It’s the word for ‘badger’ – hence our logo.

Eric sold the business some years later to the Leigh & Sillavan Group, metal traders based in Macclesfield Cheshire. At this time the business was moved to a new purpose built factory at Norton Canes, Cannock Staffordshire. A period of rapid expansion followed from 1985 which saw the Company taking a larger share of the UK market and developing export sales of zinc alloy and aluminium to continental Europe. In 2008 a strategic decision was taken to concentrate entirely on the manufacture of zinc alloy products. During its lifetime Brock has had several owners, including Benjamin Priest, International Marine and Alumasc Plc.

Meet the Brock Metal Team

Our Brock Metal Family
Gerard Keane
Managing Director

Passionate about zinc, Brock and Aston Villa, (though not necessarily in that order), Gerry has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the zinc industry. Current holder of the Brock corporate record for the most thoughts contained within a single sentence.

Steve Worthington BA ACMA
Financial Director

As a chartered accountant Steve is a great proponent of lifelong learning. Nonetheless he remains a Wolves season ticket holder.

Martin Smith BA MA (Cantab) CEng MIET
Operations Director

Martin develops all sorts of plans for saving Brock money. The problem is most of them involve spending money. He could do with developing even a passing interest in football.

Linda Minall
Office Manager

If the customer is always right it’s probably because Linda gave them the information first. With over 40 years’ experience of customer service at Brock behind her Linda would like to point out that they started work very young back then.

Neil Yates
Operations Manager

33 years of zinc alloy production. Neil wasn’t born; he was cast.

Gill Russon
Quality Manager

Over 25 years in the die-casting industry before joining Brock gave Gill an in-depth understanding of our customers’ needs. She’s on your side but don’t catch her when she’s hungry!

Jon Walker
Health and Safety Manager

Jon joined us as an interim appointment but he's so good we're loathe to let him go.

Marcia Miller BA Hons
Management Accountant

Marcia is the latest addition to the Brock family. We're delighted she's joined us, but suspect she might be starting to realise what she's done !

Jane Elson
Sillavan Anodes

Jane looks after the special products. Like most businesses, special products at Brock are things we don’t make much of but charge more for. But because it’s Jane you won’t mind so much.

Allison Whitehouse

Allison’s name runs the chemical symbols for Aluminium, Lithium, Sulphur, Oxygen and Nitrogen together. How she’s come to do the money instead of the spectrometers we’ll never know.

Tony Thorns-Dobson

During Tony’s time at Brock civilisations have risen and fallen, empires have come and gone and continents have drifted across oceans but through all this upheaval he has ensured that one thing does not change: the control of our alloy composition.

Matt Yates
Despatch Manager

The Transporter….but this one does ask questions. How else do you deliver On Time In Full?

Samantha Brecknell
Office Administrator

With a catch-all job title like that you won’t be surprised that Sam provides support to more than one business function.

A Dedicated Team Of Skilled Foundrymen

This is where it all happens. They may be unaccustomed to sunlight, but these guys are highly competent professionals who care. You can rely on them to get it right, time after time.

Geoff - Paul - Billy - Kelvin

Tony - Keith - Pete - Chris

John - John - Mick - John - Luke

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